Afghan Visual Arts & History (AVAH) is an independent, global, interdisciplinary research collective and multimedia platform founded in 2019. Our contributors include artists, art historians, curators, art world professionals, writers and creatives, covering Afghan Visual Culture, inclusive of its diaspora and minorities. 

We came together upon recognising a lack of obtainable information and long term initiatives concerning the historical and contemporary practices originating in or relating to Afghanistan.

Through gathering art histories, contextualising practices, and creating a professional network – we aim to establish critical resources that will aid in understanding the past and equip the current generation of artists and cultural practitioners both in and out of the country. AVAH Contributors engage critically with Afghan  and Afghan-diasporic themes at the nexus of mainly visual culture, but also post-colonial theory, gender and minority-inclusive politics, history and cultural production and practices in a broader sense. 

Our current focus involves digital archiving, research and community-building.

Our OPEN CALL invites emerging artists to sign up for a digital index – designed to connect and encourage visibility between fellow Afghan colleagues and global art institutions.

Through AVAH TALK  the collective invites fellow (Afghan) colleagues, , to engage in conversation with one another (but not only) through a digital livestream, and with it the platform aims to bridge geographical distance and cultural fragmentation due to the ongoing displacement of Afghan people.

AVAH intends to utilise the digital space as a more ambiguous and independent space to negotiate artistic practice and culture, in contrast to institutional and national frameworks that operate with different agendas and limits.

AVAH is also in the planning and development process of a publication and welcomes contributions from Afghan colleagues, writers, artists and designers.